It’s a Tree. It’s a Shrub. It’s Yew.

Sounds very Old English. Yes, it does grow there. As it has for decades, even centuries. If you want to build yourself an authentic English longbow begin by finding a yew which has gone without pruning for several years. Further directions from another source.

This evergreen gives a welcome splash of winter and early spring color when trimmed and pruned and planted in sheltered areas around your home. It serves well as a background to that flowerbed you want in front of the house. Male and female plants give you a choice if you want berry shaped cones with your yew.

Word of caution to suburbanites. Don’t brew the leaves or berries into tea. Well…unless you want a medical emergency and a quick consultation with poison control.

Wildlife shelter - yes. Human snack - no.
Wildlife shelter – yes.
Human snack – no.


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