Getting SMART

Happy New Year!

Did you stay up late on December 31? Party hard? Regret it the next morning?

Yes, we only have 364 days left in 2015. Are you ready to make your mark on the clean slate of a year? Have you made resolutions? Set goals?

Today I have a word about goals – five actually. And I hope that they assist you in having a productive and interesting year.

Specific: Did you make your goals specific — bite size.

Measurable: Will you know when you’ve reached it? Will others?

Achievable: Does your goal hinge on the undependable actions of others? Re-work it until it’s within your control

Realistic: Is it possible? You can stretch and reach – good — but keep it within the laws of physics.

Time-Targeted: Have you got an end-point? I will do XX by YY?

SMART — good for goals.

An example I’m willing to share.   I will attend my class reunion in August.