A Tree to Love

Love. Affection. To take pleasure in.

Skip the hugs, caresses, and kisses. Unless you desire tangled hair, scratched arms, and pitched lips.

I’m talking about a spruce tree. Green year round. Conical shape. Close branches furnishing a hotel with breakfast bar for birds. Light brown cones contrast with deep to medium green (some species with a blue to silver cast) needles.

They grow large, up to 100 feet tall, if they land in the right spot. Dense branches break the wind to protect buildings and soil when planted with companions in long, offset rows.

Add colored lights in December and you have a living Christmas tree to use year after year until the children are grown and out of the house. With a little more yard I’d be glad to host a grouping.

Colorado spruce waiting for spring planting.
Colorado spruce waiting for spring planting.

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