Shopper’s Respite

The wardrobe is in shambles. Clothing is faded. Or frayed. Or too small. Shoes are worn and the small kitchen appliance gave up in a wisp of gray smoke.

American women solve this problem with a trip to the mall. Credit card in hand they enter with their list – sometimes written, sometimes scattered between different spheres of the brain. They move from store to store – deciding by color, texture, size, and price which items will find a new home. A mixed mumble of curses and pleasure rises from the fitting room. Oohs and ahhhs flit around jewelry and cosmetic counters.

Oh, there it is — exactly the break a weary shopper needs. A place to reset and refresh for the next group of stores.


Also a welcome place to read the next chapter of a sweet romantic suspense.

Starr Tree Farm or Hiding Places :  for example.

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