Taking Off

The great autumn move will soon take place. Here in the Mississippi flyway we get our share of seasonal travelers.

I’ve spent many winters in the area north of my present location and I can’t say that I blame them. Especially those that have summered in the northern reaches of Canada among the very cold lakes and inlets of the Arctic Ocean. Food sources will soon disappear to cold weather, ice, or snow.

So they pack their stomachs with a good meal, round up their friends and neighbors, and head south. Leaders guide the flock with a few well-timed honks, squawks, or calls. (Depending on species.) It’s not a direct flight. They keep a sharp look-out for fields or wetlands able to supply another good meal and rest area.

How far will they go? Hundreds of miles? Thousands? As far as it takes?

This flight demonstration team stays year round to entertain St. Louis visitors.


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