Seek and Point

The world can be a dangerous place. It’s a canine duty to alert their humans to the hazards.

Large, bulky items such as a strange human on the front lawn earn a verbal alarm. Other substantial threats can be found visually on a quick circuit of the primary world boundaries. This same sentry circuit will often rid the property of smaller hazards also — rabbits, squirrels, the cat from down the street.

Then the real work begins. A careful member of any security detail pays attention to the small things. Little items the humans my discount, or not notice, need extra attention. Yes, I’m talking crickets, toads, and the rare invisible baby zombie. A girl can’t be too careful. Who will feed, water, and pet me if the monsters take over?

No hazard is too small for a closer look.
No hazard is too small for a closer look.

Meet a collie team of security “experts” in¬†Starr Tree Farm. Available in ebook or paperback.


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