During the Summer

The schools are back in session. Those that tried to get a start on the teaching/learning by opening during August may even get an increase in student attention span now that most public swimming pools are closed and that final family cook out (or wash out, depending on the weather) is history.

Now the oral and written reports with the “what did you do this summer” begin. Teachers will receive the usual – a family trip, visiting relatives, a trip to a local attraction, or a description of a day working for parents.

Some of the students have sprouted — gaining inches in height. There’s a reason parents do back to school shopping. Other things have sprouted and gained maturity.

Today’s photo was taken in late May. It looks pretty bleak. A hint of things to come but not a charming vista.

Giving a Hint
Giving a Hint

Spring and summer have worked magic in the orchard. Blossoms, leaves, fruit set and thinned. Solid globes growing on sunny days and through the warm nights. Roots drinking the warm rain to feed leaves and fruit. Harvest is coming.

Orchards are opening to the public. Early varieties are ready to harvest and others in queue behind. Visit an orchard. Drink in some fresh country air – it will have a note of crisp in a few more weeks. Enjoy. Learn. Savor fresh fruit of the land.

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