Birthday Girl

The exact date is unknown. Records of the early weeks and months of her life were lost last summer on a rural Missouri road.

Then she got lucky. Rescued. Taken in and checked over. Temporary care by one set of humans. Food and shelter. A little medical care and socialization.

Two humans and a black dog came to visit. She put on her best manners. The visiting dog kept his nose to the ground and ignored her. Then the pitter-patter of rain in the woods approached and humans snatched leashes and headed for shelter. (Good thing too. Rain was pretty intense for five minutes or so.)

A long ride to a new home. Lots to learn. This new, adopted, older brother accepted her new place in the family. Taught her the basics. The resident cat maintained her premier status in the household. The neighbors were friendly — especially the short ones with high voices.

Growing. Learning. Finding new ways to expend energy.

Birthday Girl!
Birthday Girl!


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