Training Ground

Making plans for early tomorrow. Need to be alert and out of the house earlier in the morning than usual. ¬†Yes, I know it’s the weekend.

When a large metropolitan area decides to use a weekend full of events to highlight physical fitness and activity it has a ripple effect. People like me, normal citizens, sign on the dotted line and commit to participation. We talk to family and friends, encouraging them to join us or to support the charity we represent.

Training takes time. Repetition. Determination.

I’m one of the lucky ones. (Or know my own limits.) A 5K at walking speed calculates out to walking without a break for an hour. Our route will include some hills, degree of gentleness is open to discussion. So practice sessions outside is encouraged. The winter of 2014 encouraged more walking at the mall, taking the steps between levels, and keeping safe.

The runners had a more difficult training assignment due to weather. They had to take advantage of every fine day we were granted. Even if it forced them to run in circles.


Level and comfy.
Level and comfy.

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