Party Decoration

It needs to be a large party — spanning much more than a day.

When an entire city decides to mark a birthday/anniversary you need to think big. And in multiples. Not one event — many. Not one cake — many.

They attempted a re-enactment of the February 1764 landing that marked the site selection of St. Louis. The weather interfered. (I’m thinking the winter of 1764 may have been a little milder.) They selected well for their trading post — near confluence of two large rivers, high ground, plentiful fur bearing animals and Native Americans willing to trade furs for blankets, guns, cooking pots, and beads.

The trading post grew into a village. The village swelled with settlers and became a city. Steamboats. Railroads. Highways. Airplanes. The United States grew, claimed the area as part of the Louisiana Purchase, and grew some more until the city on the west bank of the Mississippi became one of the most centrally located cities in the nation. (Kansas City could stake a valid claim to the same position.)

So put on your party hat. Grab a piece of birthday cake and celebrate the 250th Birthday of the — trading post, village, city — of St. Louis. Toasts in French, Spanish, and English are appropriate.

Decorative Party Cake
Decorative Party Cake

This “one of many” birthday cakes can be found in Forest Park.


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