Cheerful Couple

This couple stays outside and welcomes winter visitors.

Many of their December companions are gone now — stakes pulled from the ground, electric cords wrapped, and all put into a box for the next eleven months. But this pair can stay a little longer.

January needs a few bright spots. Perhaps it’s new clothing received at Christmas. Red candles can add a dash of color and a cozy scent to a room. And my personal favorite — comfort food. Chili? Soup? Mashed potatoes beside grilled meat?

Let the welcoming committee greet you, invite you to come inside to warm your toes and nose and enjoy one or more winter pleasure.

Winter Welcoming Couple

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  1. A ceramic snowman band grins up at the bespeckled stuffed snow singer perched high on a shelf. The tiny black knob on a pot cover is the nose of a snow man’s face. Greeting cards with snowpeople playing cover the bulletin board. These and many more cheer up Bob’s room in the memory care home during the winter’s white, cold days.

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