Using Abundance

Work with the tools you have. Make the best with what’s at hand.

You’ve all heard them. The little proverbs, sometimes twisted from the original, that elders use with the younger generation.

Children growing up in the northern tier of the United States experience winter. A winter that contains ice, snow, freezing temperatures — and yes — the temptation to lick cold metal. (Not recommended.) My generation and many others were encouraged (forced) by our parents to “go play outside”. This accomplished several things.

It gave the adults a few moments of peace and quiet plus an opportunity to do some of their own work without small supervisors.

The children burned off energy (and excess Christmas cookies) playing tag, experimenting on sleds and skis, shoveling out the sidewalk or driveway, and building snowmen. These same children returned hungry and a degree more docile an hour or two later.

College students do not lack for energy. Our campus celebrated a Winter Carnival each year. This included several activities such as a talent show, a formal dance, and snow sculpture contest. If the material on campus ran out other neighborhoods contributed the raw material for these temporary works of art.

The Great Race
The Great Race

After an afternoon in the winter outdoors curl up with a good winter story such as Starr Tree Farm. Available from or Barnes and

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