Practice makes…

Excellence.      The Best.      Winner.

Be honest now. You want to hear one or more of those accolades applied to you or one of your accomplishments.

How to get there?

Practice. Practice. Practice. Whether its music, sports, or cake decorating you need to practice. The same music scale over and over. Free throws or catch or running to build strength and muscle memory. Flower petal after petal until the right pressure and time of release comes natural.

And you need tools. The musical instrument. Sports equipment. Decorating tips and frosting. At times a person needs to substitute, use an alternate piece of equipment due to space or other obstacles.

December 2013_419

These hockey sticks wouldn’t do on an ice rink. They are made for practice — outdoors — on parking lots and driveways — while wearing in-line skates.

Do they belong to a future Olympian? Practice, practice, practice is the road to excellence.

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