Eyes Up; Tongue Out?

The title is the image that comes to mind on one of the early pages of my current read: South The Endurance Expedition by Ernest Shackleton.
A short into: This exploration of the Antarctic set off from England in August of 1914. Their ship, Endurance, was built for travel in ice. It was wooden and powered by both steam and sail. They took with them dozens of “Canadian sled dogs” for transport of goods during the planned crossing of the Antarctic continent.
Fast forward to December 5, 1914. They leave their last sign of civilization — a whaling station on the island of South Georgia. They had loaded extra coal for the engine and stored it on deck. They also had purchased a ton of whale meat for the dogs. This was stored in the rigging.
I can picture them now. Full grown sled dogs with thick fur penned on the deck between bins of coal.
They smell it. They look up and can see it.
Out of reach.
It sways with the movement of the ship.
If I watch it will it drop???

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