One spot of color

When I was creating characters to populate my small fictional town of Crystal Springs, I wanted to reflect this point of view in one of my characters.
He’s a bachelor — it’s easier that way. It also fits with his previous occupation (Secret Service) where hours are long and irregular and transfers frequent enough to make marriages more difficult than usual. When he returns to his home town and opens a private investigation business his habits are generally ignored. Does it matter that he dresses rather formal – always black dress pants and a white shirt? His is not the only black sedan in town. And when he refurbishes the exterior of the family home with white paint, black trim, and pale gray roof it compliments the neighborhood.
This is fiction. Make it bigger than life. Make it memorable. (According to the writing craft books.)
When his niece steps into his house for the first time she’s rendered breathless. White walls. Black or white furniture. Even his dishes when he serves her lunch are black and white. She finds and welcomes an exception in early January.

One spot of color
One spot of color

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