Skilled Work

About a week ago we had a warm, sunny day after a string of cool, rainy ones.

Lawn mowers, gardeners, and chainsaws popped up quicker than toadstools after a summer shower. Suburban residents around here know to grab a fine day when available. (We’re only allotted a few each season.)

Mature trees sprinkled between the houses are a beautiful and practical thing. A swing suspended from a horizontal branch provides hours of entertainment. Birds and squirrels make homes high above human reach. Fruit – some useful like walnuts and hickory nuts – some a nuisance like sweet gum balls – appear at the end of the growing season.

When trees live in close quarters with humans they don’t always make it to the end of their typical life span. The same can be said of forest trees harvested for lumber and paper. But a person tends to notice it more when the skilled workers and their equipment arrive in the neighborhood.

I’m going to view this as a preventative measure. Spring and summer storms bring photos on the news of trees damaging homes. If a nice large limb extends over your bedroom it may ease your mind to have it removed.


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