Clever Packaging

Several weeks ago I received bottle of wine as a gift. It was much appreciated. Family and friends know my tastes and a bottle of local or regional wine passes between us on visits.

This wine originated in western New York State. In case you were unaware — New York has a large wine industry from the Finger Lakes and extending westward and the vineyards cross the border in Pennsylvania. If you drive through this area allow some time to stop, sample, and shop along one of the many “Wine Trails”.

About a week ago I had occasion to celebrate. An excellent time to accompany my dinner with a special treat.

I set the chilled bottle on the table, plucked a wine glass from the cabinet, and rummaged in the drawer for the corkscrew. (My everyday wine arrives in a box and does not require one.)

To my delight and surprise the corkscrew could have stayed in the drawer. All I had to do was to tease up the end of the pull strip, remove the tight plastic seal, and push up a small glass stopper. Easy!!! Neat!! A small O-ring facilitated a good seal on the portion remaining.

For the Corkscrew Chanllanged
For the Corkscrew Challenged

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