Getting Variety

Training for a fitness event could get boring.  Run every day. Walk every day. Over and over — one foot in front of the other.

Lucky me signed up for this adventure with a group. And the designated and natural leaders kept an eye out for variation.

Yes, we meet every Saturday morning at the same time. Not always in the same place. Not always the same length of trail. Or surroundings to view as we move.

Maybe I’ve limited my own private walks too much. I do loops out from my house. I walk at the mall in bad weather. I’ve sampled a park and a nature center.

This group has stretched me. We walked at a high school track. Enjoyed a trail on an old railroad bed. Endured a park with steep hills and a trail that skirts the practice and competition obstacles for equestrian events.  Shivered through the first lap of a short trail on a cold March morning.

Are we ready? I think I need to go shoe shopping. Give me a couple weeks to get new footwear and old feet used to each other.

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