February 22, 1932

Boston, Massachusetts brings to mind many things.

Early American history. Irish immigrants. Prominent political families.

On the above date one of those Boston Irish families of prominence and means welcomed their fourth son into the family. He would spend good portions of his life shadowed by his brothers. However, of all of them, he was by far the longest-lived.

Edward Moore Kennedy lived fast, hard, and reckless as a young man. His academic record was forgettable until he returned to Harvard after two years in the US Army. Perhaps military duty focused his attention. It did not however, eliminate reckless personal behavior.

Many of you know the story. A powerful father. The war time death of his oldest brother. Stepping in to fill the US Senate  seat vacated by his brother John as soon as his age hit the constitutional requirement. More family tragedy with first one and then the next remaining brother murdered. A divorce.  A scandal with drinking, driving, and the death of a young woman. A second marriage. A blocked attempt at higher office. Focus on legislation and the establishment of a solid accomplishments.

How do you see his career? Do you see the ability to overcome early privilege to attain actual progress? Or something else?

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