February 1, 1901

Cadiz, Ohio appears on a recent map as a small city about 25 miles northwest of Wheeling, WV. The boy born on the above date showed early musical and mechanical abilities. But his real love turned out to be language.

Fast forward to 1934. You’ll find this man living in California, divorced from his first wife and married to the second. You’ll also find him in movie theaters from coast to coast. This was the year It Happened One Night drew crowds. He was rewarded by his peers by the Oscar for that performance.

And he influenced his audiences. According to a source that attended this movie. “Clark Gable took off his shirt in It Happened One Night and men’s undershirt sales dropped.” (Oh, the thrill, the scandal, of a bare male chest on the screen.)

Here’s a birthday remembrance to¬†William Clark Gable a.k.a. Clark Gable. Also remembered as Rhett Butler. (Oh, what girl with a beating heart doesn’t react to this¬†charming rascal.)