February 8, 1955

Jonesboro, Arkansas is a university town in the northeast portion of the state. It is also the birthplace of today’s featured birthday celebrant, one of the most popular and prolific authors in the US today.

Perhaps you’ve read one or more of his legal thrillers. Or seen a movie based on them. Have you read his non-fiction volume?

I’m speaking of John Grisham.

As a criminal defense and person injury litigation lawyer serving in the Mississippi State House of Representatives, he found time in early morning hours and stray bits and pieces of times to write his first novel. It wasn’t easy to find a publisher for A Time to Kill.  His second, third, and fourth books skyrocketed to the top of the bestseller lists and quickly became movies.

Ah, the inspiration in that portion of the story to this and other pre-published authors. No fear. My romance and romantic suspense pieces will not be in direct competition with Mr. Grisham’s body of work. (Reader demographics may overlap – I’d like that.)

Birthday Greetings, John Grisham.

Off I go to request your latest from the library!