Reduce.   Reuse.   Recycle.

You see that trio of words frequently. Good advice, each and every one of them.

But what do you do when your item is a brick building with a fire damaged roof? Not a private residence. Not a commerical building with a private owner.

Problems abounded for the small group of faithful church members. What to do when the problem is large and the people so small?

An idea was presented. God watered. People worked. They studied the needs of the neighborhood. Found talent they didn’t know they had. Preserved some of the century plus history.

The result?

A coffee house serving breakfast and lunch items nestled against a university school of medicine and associated hospital. Six days a week they serve the community food for the body.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning food for the soul is offered in the form of worship service in the same historic, casual space.

Come, sit, rest, eat, learn, and worship together.

Rest & Refresh
Body & Soul

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