Growing Balloon

A plant that blows bubbles?

No, it’s slower, more measured, almost sedate.

Is that how it gained the name “balloon flower”?

Three years ago I took a chance on a plant. I’m always an optimist the day I do my spring excursion to the local garden shop. It helps that I define success with a plant as getting it to live, not necessarily blossom or produce fruit. I’m sure it was classed as an annual, something I seldom get adventurous with.

It started green. Grew a little. Produced one white blossom.

Well, that was okay. I got what I paid for.

Imagine a little surprise the next spring when it poked out. Well, I’m not one to turn down a gift – or a resedding annual – so I left it alone aside from a little water when I tended the neighbors. It grew larger than the year before. And now the process¬†has repeated. More blossoms in early July than any previous year.

I’ll take it. I like plants that repeat, whether from seed or deep roots. The buds swell, stretching from green, to pale green, to white¬†flower that lasts two or three days.

First of several.