Brass Note

One, two, three, four tap your foot to keep the time.

Time to adjust from piano lesson where a beginning player counts aloud to give each note the proper length. Mental messages go to all the fingers, training them to follow the note on the paper, eye to brain, to finger with aid of mouth.

This is trumpet lesson time. Route the message from paper, to eye, to brain, to lips, lungs, and fingers while the foot taps, taps, taps the steady time.

Wonder of wonders! The dog didn’t go howling away from the early practices.

Over and over, with uneven progress, a simple scale yields to an easy march. Then, a little more as we add a waltz and easy arrangment of a show tune. Ready for beginning band. Playing together. Learning when to keep notes in the background and when to surge to the front. Stay together. Keep the rythmn of the foot the same as the director’s baton.

Cooperation and sportsmanship in music.

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