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Finger Power

With only your fingers you can make a person laugh, cry, relax, or dance.

Can anyone do it? Pretty much.

Can I do it well? That depends — have you received a little basic instruction and then practiced? Practice is key. Every day is best. Regular will keep your skills sharp and progressing. Once in a great while? Not so good. You need “muscle memory” for best results.

However, the ability never goes away completely. Even after a break of months or years many people can quickly recover much of the ability sleeping in their hands.

Side benefit — even if the electricity fails, a piano can furnish quality entertainment.

Just like the Song

Dashing….. in a one horse….

Gather your friends. This one horse open sleigh has plenty of room for two couples. Drive on over to the relatives and make it a party. Hot chocolate for all!

This year this vehicle is on display for photo ops. Can you picture yourself driving? Bundle up in your winter coat. Remember hat, scarf, and gloves.


Hidden Exercise

Keep your body healthy! Exercise! Every day!

Touch your toes. Jumping jacks. Sit-ups.

As one of the students who disliked physical education class — those are frightful words.

The real world — outside of P.E. class — is kinder.

Walk from here to there. Grab a ball and play a game. Put on some music and DANCE!

Note the trim figures on this dancing couple.

So hide your exercise with music, laughter, companionship, or necessity. Don’t let the memory of calisthenics in school keep you sidelined.

A Fiddle Fit For…

Paul Bunyan? Pecos Bill? Goliath?

Can you imagine the sound as our Giant of Giants strikes up a dance tune?If the people of Sydney, NS built this to impress the cruise ship tourists —             I think they succeeded.

If you were to play a welcome tune on this instrument…what would it be?

A jig? A ballad? A classic lullaby? With practice (and at least a dash of innate talent) a musician can make one fiddle suitable for all occasions.



The preacher was fantastic. Inspiring.

Nashville steamboat captain and businessman Thomas G. Ryman heard the message at an 1885 revival. He was so moved, he put his energy and money into the construction of Union Gospel Tabernacle.

The acoustics are wonderful. The building became a popular venue for concerts and cultural events.

Renovations were made which increased the seating and preserved the sound.

Today thousands of tourists flock to the building to tour the displays and absorb the musical history of the site. But it’s more than museum. Performances occur.

Thank you, Captain Ryman.

You won’t find “Union Gospel Tabernacle” on a Nashville city map. But you will find “Ryman Auditorium. Frequently referred to as the home of the “Grand Ole Opry”

Joyful Noise

Ding. Ding, ding, dong.

Ding. Ding, ding, dong.

Think happy music as you read the above. Some things don’t translate well to the written word.

Handbells — of the tuned variety — create a joyful sound during the holiday season. Open your eyes and ears when you watch them in concert.


Relaxation Technique

Are you tense? Angry? Frustrated that others are not doing their jobs as you feel they should?

You should relax. Rid your body of overt amounts of tension.

Many techniques exist. And some have made fortunes for the authors and teachers. Massage is frequently recommended — but it requires a second person.

Meditation and prayer appear near the top of any list.

And then my favorite – rumored to be able to soothe a savage beast — music.

Sculpture of boy charming frog and bird with his flute.

I’m not sure of flutes. But our milk cows swayed to the music on the radio.


Sing Out a Welcome

American music. Think Country, Jazz, Blues, and Folk.

While is music is a form of entertainment and communication that crosses boundaries, it also has roots. And the Mid-South region of the United States has a jumble of them. The plants they support have grown, evolved, and even seeded new forms through the decades.

On our recent road trip (another great American institution) we found a state proud to proclaim their musical heritage.

TN Welcome Center

Yes, we make a point to enjoy a little music during our stay.

Snappy Uniforms

First you hear the drums.  Then the brass. A good solid, marching tune.

I can’t help it. A marching band is the highlight of a parade in my mind. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing. Or even genetic. I’m aware of one great grandfather who played the baritone in the town band. (I’m not sure if they marched. They had uniforms.)

Left foot first. Stay in step. Even steps. Trombones in the front row. (If you’ve ever sat in front of them in a concert band you understand why.) Keep the row straight on a wheel turn. Eyes front.

This fine group of military musicians and guards never miss a step. They are known for their hats. But I like the bright red tunics even better.

Doing the Queen -- and their commanding officer - proud.

Doing the Queen — and their commanding officer – proud.

Impulsive Instrument

Music. It offers stress relief. Sets a mood. Offers a laugh.

Much of the music in my home in recent years comes from CD’s. A selection of favorites runs in the background while I work on the computer. It was not always so. Or at least the format was different.

The college dorm resonated with radio stations and recordings at varying volumes. By artists of varying abilities and aimed at different tastes. The daily commute equaled radio time with a mixture of music and news. Housework goes better with Bach…or the Beatles, or Sousa.

But sometimes I appreciate a quieter, unscripted melody. It plays year round. Summer, when the window is open I hear it best. Gentle at times or more insistent, depending upon weather conditions.


A Simple Instrument