Yellow Beauty

Long ago and far away….. on planet earth in the 20th century…. I lived in a place where flowers are a crop.

Every year acres and acres of flowers grew on the delta, nourished on rich soil and tended in fields established by Dutch farmers. On a fine spring weekend day the traffic paraded through the roads on the flat grid, pulling aside to use film (yes, this was before digital cameras) to record the wide view, or a close up, or that once in a lifetime shot of small child meeting blossom.

This flower, one of my favorites, never came to full bloom in the field. They would be harvested and shipped world wide – including Tahiti – can you feature – shipping fresh flowers to Tahiti!

That’s the way it works – when the bulb requires more cold weather than a tropical paradise receives you import the blooms if you want to admire this yellow beauty.

This group comes to full bloom in a North Carolina garden.