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Is it Magic?

New. Fresh. Exciting.

I always suspect a little bit of magic comes with the first snow of the season.

My other thoughts have reflected my age and stage of life.

Will we have enough to sled? This comes from living at the foot of a great sledding hill when little. I couldn’t wait to get my own — begging a ride or loan from older brothers is not simple.

Will we have school? Once we moved out of town and depended on the school bus this question moved forward. I think many of the boys twisted this to — can we go hunting?

Canceling work was never a question. I worked in health care and hospitals are one of half a dozen 24/7 institutions.

Retirement brought thoughts of grabbing the camera, a cup of coffee, or a good book. Snow tends to bring a special sort of quiet — until the plowing team arrives.

This puzzle artist depicts 19th century Georgetown with holiday decorations and fresh, clean snow.

I Love a Parade

When I moved up from Junior to Senior band in eighth grade — this was one of the first marches we practiced. The first time, as with most pieces the rest of the band was familiar with, I sort of watched the notes for third coronet zip past.

The situation improved. Each time I managed to actually play more notes — even at the correct time. In other words, I caught the end of the learning curve and climbed.

Parades are intended to be fun — for participates and observers. Marching in straight rows. Keeping step. Playing from memory. Catching beads or candy or favors tossed from a colorful float.

And then there are other sorts of parades — not as organized or scheduled.

Pelicans parading on a sunny afternoon.

Resting on Thin Ice

Winter in the Midwest brings days below freezing. Depending on how North you are in the region — the number of days in a row and how far below freezing varies.

St. Louis is far enough South that you should not trust the ice. (Except for purposely flooded skating rinks.) No matter how smooth and secure it may look — the depth and strength with vary. Is it firmly attached to the shore? Does this pond or lake have open water in another area?

There are animals however, which will ignore this human advice and walk, rest, and sleep on ice unable to support the smallest human.

Canada Geese rest mere yards from open water.