Top Reason to Eat Cake

Have you eaten cake recently? Within the last month? Week? Yesterday?

Perhaps you seldom bake. That’s fine. Many restaurants offer cake on the dessert menu. Too full after a meal out? How about a “to go” box?

A cake exists for almost every taste. My brother’s favorite is chocolate. I prefer Angel food. Lemon is a beautiful flavor for summer. Perhaps carrot cake is more to your liking.

Just in case you need a reason…



Last Call

The party ends at midnight. Set down your adult beverage. Remove your mask. Put the beads away.

Until then…well, it’s PARTY TIME! Also known as Mardis Gras.

New Orleans is in the spotlight in the United States. Other cities along the Gulf Coast hold their own celebrations. And St. Louis celebrates in an old, French portion of the city.

Parades. Color. Noise. Music. Drinks. King Cakes. A little something for everyone. I do advise, if planning to attend the St. Louis parade the Saturday before Ash Wednesday (the largest event), keep an eye on the weather. It varies from snow and freezing, to balmy and clear.

Mardis Gras accessory — didn’t bring any? Attend a parade and snatch a few from the friendly, generous people on the floats.


I Love a Parade

When I moved up from Junior to Senior band in eighth grade — this was one of the first marches we practiced. The first time, as with most pieces the rest of the band was familiar with, I sort of watched the notes for third coronet zip past.

The situation improved. Each time I managed to actually play more notes — even at the correct time. In other words, I caught the end of the learning curve and climbed.

Parades are intended to be fun — for participates and observers. Marching in straight rows. Keeping step. Playing from memory. Catching beads or candy or favors tossed from a colorful float.

And then there are other sorts of parades — not as organized or scheduled.

Pelicans parading on a sunny afternoon.