Rest Stop

Today when we travel, we appreciate a chance to stop, stretch our legs, and walk around a bit. Perhaps we seek out a toilet, or a snack.

When this pair arrives at a rest stop, they stay still. Oh, move a hoof a little and shift weight, in general they stay in place. I suspect they wonder if the human will bring them a drink.

This team pulls a wagon designed for tourists up and down a hill all day during the season. Aside from the driver, who they are familiar with, I wonder how many stories, in how many languages, they hear in a day.

In fictional Elm Ridge, Illinois, the teams at Bergmann Livery and Freight responded best to commands in Deutsch. Six days a week they pulled freight wagons up from the warehouse on the levee and delivered goods to merchants and residents of the area.

For more on this sweet romance set in 1851, click here:

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