Swedish Contribution

In my elementary school social studies book, I believe the Swedes rated two sentences. Somthing to the effect that they established a settlement in Delaware and contributed the log cabin to the American colonies.

Arriving in 1638, the Swedish established first a fort, and then a settlement – Fort Christina and Christinaham near the mouth of the Brandywine River.

Fort Christina

This 1930’s interpretation of the 17th century structure leaves much to be desired. We should have gotten the hint when we asked a group of relaxing firefighters for directions and their first response was an eye roll. But we found out way — through a rough, industrial section of the modern city to a small park. Hmm. Let’s give them a couple of points for effort.

Log cabins, frame buildings, and a few structures of brick and stone comprise fictional Elm Ridge, Illinois in 1851. Readers of sweet romance should enjoy this story of immigrants searching and working toward New Dreams.

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