City Spot of Green

City dwellers of all ages deserve the opportunity to enjoy a bit of nature. In the tiny village where I grew up, we had two parks. One, rather informal, was called The Duck Pond. As you may guess, the primary feature was a pond where ducks hung out. The other, where baseball games were played was operated by a local veteran’s organization.

Larger cities often have more and larger parks than the two I grew up near. And they are great places for a tourist to drop in, as well as local residents.

Willow trees and water features – and waterfowl – were plentiful in Boston Common.

Can you imagine yourself relaxing under the friendly willow on a sunny day and reading a book?

I’d pick a romance to read. Perhaps on the sweet side. If I wanted to mentally visit Missouri parks while relaxing in Boston, my choice would be Morning Tryst.