A Tale of Three Brothers

Roll back your imagination to the early years of the 20th century in St. Louis, Missouri.

Edmund A. Babler is a young surgeon becoming known for service to the poor and advocate for outdoor recreation. His brothers, Henry and Jacob, entered the insurance and real estate businesses. All the brothers soon began to purchase land near Wild Horse Creek (in St. Louis County) with the aim of creating a park.

Dr. Babler’s sudden death propelled the remaining brothers to honor him when they donated land to the state of Missouri in 1934. More land donation followed until the current size is 2,500 acres.

Intended as a day park, the campground was added on adjoining land at a later date. Currently, the park, features ball fields, picnic areas, playground, and hiking trails. The swimming pool has fallen into disrepair and the trail ride concession has closed. However, the variety of vegetation remains and you may spot a variety of wildlife during your visit.

Not mentioned by name, this park made an excellent base of operations for the heroine in Morning Tryst while she photographed the several parks and historic sites in the St. Louis area. Join Serena and Zack in this sweet, contemporary romance set in California and Missouri.

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