Capturing the Sunrise

It’s one of life’s dramatic moments. Repeated every day of the year. And always in the east. However, the angle will vary by your location and the time of the year.

I’m speaking of sunrise. This view, captured in a park along the Mississippi River at the south end of St. Louis was a memorable morning.

Arriving in the gray of pre-dawn, I listened to a bit of birdsong and exchanged startled glances with a deer. The record was made with an inexpensive digital camera. Many of my friends would use the one on their phone. A serious photographer would use a higher quality instrument.

Tomorrow’s the summer solstice. Celebrate! If you are not the sort of person to rise in time to see the sunrise, celebrate later. I suggest combining it with the first birthday (one year since publication) of the sweet romance, Morning Tryst, where Serena Carter will guide you through her sunrise photo process.

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