People leave traces. Even when they don’t plan to let others know they passed through a space. This is the basis for much detective work — fiction and non-fiction.

Other people, and organizations, put items of substance in their wake. Often these are easy to spot. Often you can even identify the builder by the style.

By style and materials, this picnic shelter is typical of work done by the Civilian Conservation Corps. During the mid and late 1930’s this organization of young men build hundreds of structures, bridges, and roads in state and national parks throughout the United States. Ninety years later, many of their projects are still in use — and appreciated by the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren (plus all their friends and relatives) of the workmen.

This photo was taken at Missouri’s Arrow Rock State Park. While not mentioned by name in Morning Tryst, this location would have been visited either three or four times by the fictional photographer.

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