The Countdown Begins


Yes, I’m of the generation that listened to lots and lots of countdowns for rocket launches. Does this mean I’m good at counting backward? Not necessarily.

Today, I’m starting a one month, actually 31 days from today, countdown to the release of Morning Tryst.

Test yourself at this series of questions.

Do you like to read?

Do you like to read novels?

Do you like to read romance?

If you answered one, two, or three of the above with “yes”, I urge you to check out this sweet contemporary romance with mature characters — you know, the sort of people that have lived enough life to know what they want.

Listen in as the two main characters introduce themselves to each other.

Zack Sans, part-time bartender and full-time irritation to the relatives.

Serena Carter, free-lance photographer and Navy veteran.

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