An Honorable Occupation

Today, I’d like you to take a moment and think about occupations which have spanned centuries. The first that came to my mind was teacher. But farmer, musician, weaver, and metal worker have existed alongside each other since the beginning of recorded time. (I think you could add brewer and merchant.)

The occupation I want to highlight today, is a little more recent than some of the others. But it certainly pre-dates my lifetime, the history of Europeans in the Americas, and several other events.

This sign in a historical printer and newspaper publisher’s shop hints at the importance of the written word. “Bringing Ink and Paper Together” enables the transmission of an idea from one person to another without them being in the same time and place. Present day people can read of events in the past, find out what happened to that family member glossed over in conversation, or share thoughts with a generation to come.

So let’s give a cheer — or lift your coffee cup — or wine glass — to the printers through the centuries who have enriched all of our lives.

Do you have a favorite type of printed material?

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