Joyful Author

Several things bring a smile to an author’s face.

The phrase: The End.

A contract with a publisher.

A royalty check.

And — (drum roll) — receiving the first copies of a new book.

To my great pleasure – and mild surprise – I arrived home from errands to find a box on my doorstep. A wonderful box. Splashed with a scenic sunrise and camera on the cover. And my name — I don’t care if it’s your first book or your hundred and first (I’m far from that number), a joyful bubble forms when you see your name across the book cover.

Morning Tryst is a sweet contemporary romance. I ask you to join Serena and Zack in their journey of discovery – of each other and themselves – in this California and Missouri setting.

Available June 20, 2022 from all major on-line retailers. Pre-orders accepted now.

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