Pause and Re-charge

November — often in the United States we put a little more emphasis on pausing, giving thanks, and taking stock of our personal situation.

Where and when? Oh, that answer has as many questions as people. Perhaps more than one per person.

Do you have a prayer time? Do you review the day as you fall asleep? Does your mind turn to planning in the twilight as you drift from sleep to awake? Or do you find a calm, quiet place and organize your thoughts. Or work on solving a problem.

Recently, I drove to a nearby state park and found a place good for me.

Seating is important when I’m thinking — unless I’m taking a walk.

So pull up a chair, settle in, and let your mind drift as your eyes absorb the view.

The view:

On a clear, November day a person can see for miles from the viewpoint. What are you going to think about?

2 thoughts on “Pause and Re-charge”

  1. Lovely rocking chairs and a fine view. I’d sit and ponder there too. Is the park very far from home?

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