Do you enjoy reading?

Once upon a time…

Long ago and far away…

Three, two, one…blast off….

Classic openings can start a person down a path, trail, or road to worlds of fantastic creatures and deeds. What’s at the end of the road? Or on the next planet? Is the destination or the journey most important?

When I was a small child, my brothers and I looked forward to the arrival of a weekly magazine. We all liked the cartoons sprinkled in the second half — past the major articles and some of the features. Did I read the captions? Likely not — while I can’t remember not knowing my letters — I didn’t do a lot of reading before school. Did my brothers read captions to me? I think so — if I could get them to stay on the same page long enough.

Picture books. Chapter books. Children’s classics. Anything with print that arrived in the house. As time progressed, I read all of it. I think my favorites, even as a child, were books with a happy ending. I wanted the family to be reunited. Or the hero/heroine to gain the prize, solve the mystery, and be confident taking the next step in life.

Some things stay the same. I enjoy most books that end happy. So reading romance fits. Writing romance fits also — after all, I’m trying to write the book I want to read.

Titles in the Crystal Springs Romances:

Starr Tree Farm Hiding Places Seed of Desire

Titles published by The Wild Rose Press:

Stare Down Comfort Zone

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