Once in a Blue …

Two full moons this October. Watch the sky next week for the second one.

Stay alert for the short people in costumes out begging for treats by the light of the moon.

But the real question of this blog — have you seen a blue moose?

My brother and I were on vacation. This was the road trip on which I would finally “set foot in” the 49th and 50th states. The plan, actually not formulated until the turn of the century, already had at least thirty accomplished by then. So I set out to include one, two, or three “new” states on each vacation. And in the very last one–soon after crossing the border– we found…

I never said it was an “alive” moose. But isn’t he a jaunty greeter? Exactly the sort of moose I feel safe walking up to and giving a pat on the nose.

Enjoy the blue moon! And the blue moose!

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