Wet Celebration

Americans enjoy a good birthday party. We get to sing. Yes, laughter often follows. A birthday spanking equaled the number of years celebrated plus “one to grown on”. Little children (and sometimes big ones) play games. Cards and gifts are usually involved. And food — don’t forget the food!

Cake has become traditional. Often it’s served with a side of ice cream.

Our family didn’t get grand on the birthday celebrations. But I do remember a few. One time my brother wanted a three-tier cake. By using round cake pans of two sizes, plus putting a pottery bowl to use as a cake pan — my mother filled the order. Oh — and red frosting — that particular cake had red frosting.

Several decades later– I happened upon another birthday celebration.

This one was at the Georgia Aquarium, in honor of one of the California sea otters. He didn’t get a red, three tiered cake. Or my personal favorite — angel food.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Otter! May all your days be splashed full of fun!