Patient Example

My friends and acquaintances are in agreement. This year, 2020, is one they do not want to repeat — ever!

A great many changes have been forced on us. A few are simple — use the bank drive-thru. Some are more complicated — make appointment, wear mask, wait outside at the beauty parlor. We hope some are temporary — limits on size of indoor groups. Others will be long-term — wear mask in public.

Change is difficult. It requires a person to be patient — with themselves and also the people around them. Perhaps you are in a position where you need to explain the new rules – again — and again — and again. You expect you will mumble them in your sleep they are carving such a deep path in your brain.

Be patient. Let the good things come your way. Consider this fine fellow — I don’t usually think of bears as patient — waiting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner — to come swimming upstream.

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