Open with Caution

CAREFUL — you might learn something!

Did either of your parents issue that warning? It was usually my dad who voiced it at our house. Often it was half a joke when you were doing some practical task for the first time.

Learning can be very hands on.

When I was eight or nine, we had just a few milk cows (just getting started) and mother asked me to whip some cream to put on our dessert. So I used the electric mixer and whipped away. Is it done? No. Now? No. How about now? Keep going and you’ll have butter.  Lesson: if you go past soft peaks too far, you’ll get to butter. (This may not work with homogenized and pasteurized products.)

Or it can me all mental. Think of what you’ve learned about ancient Egypt — I’ll guess much of it has been from books. Perhaps some in conversation, lectures, or movies.


You might learn something beyond the library door.