Shoulder Travel

Aside from the dozen plus years I was responsible for children in school, I prefer to travel during the “shoulder” seasons.

Do you need a translation? According to travel guidebooks, the “shoulders are the six weeks or so before and after the peak tourist seasons. In the United States, the peak months are generally June, July, and August.

During my life, I’ve taken some wonderful September trips. Once or twice I traveled in October. (Depending on your destination — it’s best to bring a warm coat.) May is preferred to April for the same reason in reverse.

An early September road trip included a beautiful day in Delaware. I think I fell in love with the Brandywine River. 

Consider the positives: The weather is generally good. Again–think about your destination. It’s always good to have an inside attraction on your list for rainy days. Tourist attractions are not as crowded as during the peak season. Watch the open hours — the further you are from peak, the more likely days or hours will be limited. Traffic — like the attractions — will be a mix of locals, commercial, and the stay wanderer like yourself.

So in this year of limited opportunities and abundant cautions: Grab the map and your travel buddy. Plot out a trip for one of the “shoulders” of 2021.