A Dash of Water

Sea water. The Pacific Ocean. The coast of Maui to be more precise.

Today’s photo is more recent and the camera of slightly better quality.

Power. Persistence.

I’ve always been a bit intrigued by waves against rocks. It’s easy for my imagination to view water and rock as opposing sides in a long term battle. Will the rock continue to guard the tide pool? Will the water carve an entrance and change the shape of the beach?

Respect the waves. Pay attention to the tides. (It could be wetting getting back if you forget.) Release your inner mountain goat and climb from rock to rock to find the perfect perch to observe the heartbeat of the ocean.

1 thought on “A Dash of Water”

  1. On the Pacific Coast there’s an area called Big Sur. Bob and I stopped at a restaurant hanging over the waves. Nepenthe is it’s name. We walked in. A short man, dressed in cotton flowing pants and shirt, barefoot, asked us to follow him. He took us near the huge windows. “Sit down.” He said. “Become one with the chair.” We watched as the fog rolled over the waves and rocks.

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