Can you prove it? How do I know you’re not telling stories?

When in conversation with an author, the second of those questions might be a good idea. Fiction authors, by definition, are capable of making things up. You know, creating characters and events out of thin air.

Or is that an exaggeration?

Recently, on one of these stay-at-home order days. (Yes it even had a slight effect on us retired people.) I pulled out a box of pre-digital camera photos from the closet. As I sorted, I was reminded of some of the places I’ve been. I found several themes for my travels. Today we’re going to start with looking at some of the mountains, beaches, and waterfronts.

The year was 1976 and vacation meant going NORTH — to visit relatives in Alaska. The scenery was gorgeous. The camera, not so much. This was taken on a stop along the road between Anchorage and Copper Center.

We visited in late May. The daylight lasted over twenty hours per day and it was (as the relatives said) mosquito-slapping season.