Arriving in Style

The Thanksgiving Feast is leftovers. Prepare for sandwiches (hot or cold) plus casseroles and new combinations as the side dishes shrink in their plastic containers.

For many — today is a shopping day. Retailers want our attention to turn from “Thankful for all that we have” to “I want to buy more” in the blink of an eye.

Today is also the day of an anticipated arrival at our local shopping mall.  So if you happen to be in the neighborhood — stop in at noon.

Santa upgraded to a chartered helicopter.

2 thoughts on “Arriving in Style”

  1. On one Saturday morning in December, most of the children in my tiny town were given a good sized bag of popcorn as we joyfully pushed and shoved into the movie theater to watch free cartoons and a western.

    Waiting outside after the movie was Santa, one of the older, heavy fellows dressed in a worn Santa suit. He was grandpa to several of us. He rode in a horse drawn hay wagon. For many of these delighted children, their only Christmas presents were the movie. an apple or orange and a little paper bag of hard candy.

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