Touch of History

Regular readers of this blog are aware I enjoy visiting historical sites and reading about historical events.

While roaming around in my private photo gallery — I came across this hint of history.

A door with glass panels. It looks rather special. Does it have a story?

Once upon a time, when steamboats traveled the Mississippi River carrying freight and people, the river was not the same. Today barges carry goods. A few private boats take people. And aside from seasonal levels, the river pretty much travels the same route year after year.

This was not the case in the 19th Century. Between the shifting sandbars, snags, and proud (foolish) captains talked into having a race — the river was a dangerous place. And the life expectancy of your steamboat was short.

This door is from one of those unlucky steamships. After it was grounded — a daring person salvaged the door. Today it graces a historic site’s office in Ste. Genevieve, MO.