My, What Big…

Claws? Tail? Shell?

He’s not your typical mascot. Hanging out at the Charlottetown, PEI port, this fine fellow can be seen as either greeting visitors or bidding them farewell.

Actually, I think he’s charming. After all, he represents an island. Water — salt water — seafood.

Lobstermen trap and sell the right-sized ones and they end up on dining tables around the world. Following the rules, the Canadians harvest them in a sustainable manner. Trap, measure (throw back if too small or female with eggs), and sell on the market.

Boil, season, and serve. Eating a whole creature? Wear a bid and use your tools. Lorenzo the Lobster grows a tough, tight shell. After all, it keeps the hazards of the ocean from damaging the tender muscles and internal organs.

Pardon me — I’m off to enjoy a seafood meal.

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