What makes a Lake Great?

Is Great only a matter of size?

Or do you need to consider other attributes?

Today we are considering lakes. Do we limit location? Fresh or salt water? Natural or man-made? Historical events? Commercial importance? I’d like to add natural beauty to the list–but opinions on beauty vary more than the question posed in the title. What about a little legend?

The five Great Lakes of North America reach almost to the center of the continent and spread east making a portion of the border between Canada and the US. (Except Lake Michigan — every family has one child that strikes out in a different direction.)

Are there only five? What about…Lake Champlain?

Is it similar? Fresh water. Touches Canada. Four hundred feet deep. Lake monster legend. And a very respectable size of 490 square miles.

Is it enough? Lake Ontario is almost 15 times larger.

Lake Champlain — Good or Great?